Programmers ditch Google, Here’s better Search engine

Being a developer is awesome,

Writing code is awesome,

Copying code from stack overflow is also awesome…

Programmers ditch Google, Here’s better Search engine

But solving problems and thinking of solutions for complicated problems in a limited time is what we programmers live for…

the 💚 grass is not always green on this side of the fence.

Sooner or later, you face some problems 😢Right solution is not always on Google’s First page with optimized SEO, and of course not without ads distraction📵

To be blunt, it can be challenging and time-consuming to find a faster solution. That’s what we’ll solve in this tutorial.

Ready? Let’s go!

Today I will be reviewing this novel search engine YouCode for programmers which I found last month and discussing how I use it to improve my coding.

🌐 First Search Engine – Birth of Search

First search engine 1990
The first search engine on the internet

Before going to 2022 Let’s discuss the Father of all search engines Archie, created in 1990 by Alan Emtage, a student at McGill University in Montreal. The first search engine on the internet is cool.. not?

The search engine I’m talking about in this blog is called “YouCode”.

👣 YouCode snippets

One of my favourite feature from this search engine is code snippets from various websites. All just in one place how cool was that!

Copy solutions direct from your developer focus apps Like stack overflow, GitHub, and geeks for geeks in one tab. you are just 4 clicks away from your answer

Find answer from developer-focused websites like🏫 ArXiv 📦 AWS 💾 Code Complete 🎨 Color Picker 🤓 Geeks for Geeks 🐈‍⬛ GitHub 🤗 Hugging Face ✅ JSON formatter 🪟Microsoft Docs Ⓜ️ MDN 🧱 PyPi 🔥 PyTorch 📜 Read The Docs 📂 StackOverflow 👓 Towards Data Science 📗 Tutorials Point

Code snippiest in one place

🤖 Code with AI

 “YouCode” can generate AI-based code based on your search query with a large neural net.

For Example “How to sort dictionary in python “ 👇
AI writing code for you free!

Read whole documentation from the side panel step by step from official websites

Read the documentation in the side panel

Want to search for something with 1 click? 👀

Try YouCode bang feature Type ! and website shortcut


! { your websites shortcut}

  • ! so = for StackOverflow
  • ! gh = for GitHub
  • ! yt = for youtube
  • ! li = for LinkedIn
  • ! gfg = for geeksforgeeks

and 13,000+ other website shortcuts
Search shortcut

🔌 Vs code extension

Install YouCode search vs code extension

Select the word or function you want to search, right-click, and then click on Search with in the drop-down menu and blah…

Search right from your vs code editor!

Today google mainly focuses on SEO stuff and Paid Advertisements with high-tracking algorithms, blogs written by old experienced developers are not written with SEO intent so their articles are not always on Google’s first page.

👨‍💻 Why YouCode is best for programmers?

Let me compare end results YouCode vs Google and why you is better for programmers.

Right Solution + Less Clicks = Productive programming

Google vs you clicks compression
  • Ad Free search engine
  • Optimized for developer-focused sites
  • Search through your favorite developer sources and write code, faster.
  • Code snippets that save time
  • All solutions in one tab, Just simple!
  • Code with AI Assistant
  • 13,000+bang! Shortcut for faster search
  • Catch data errors faster
  • VS code search extension

“Build for developers by developers”

I love how their slack community and founder Richard Socher are building all these features on public demand. asking regular 📌feedback, giving answers, and listing programmer’s pain.

you-search-engine-bug-feedback public feedback & upcoming updates

In my opinion, the recent release of YouCode has the great potential to reshape how programmers use the internet, expedite problem-solving, and enhance solutions by focusing on user’s privacy, not on ads

👇Here is YouCode link if you want to give chance after google or Duk-Duk go.

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