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✅ Frequently asked questions

What type of photos should I upload?

We recommend 7 close ups of your face, 3 photos of your side profile, and up and 3 full body photos. The more different your photos are from each other the better! Make sure there’s no other people or animals in your photos than the main subject (you, not your dog, or cat, or your bf/gf) Photos with a variety of facial expressions, locations, backgrounds and perspecitves are better. Don’t just look into the camera, also look away! High quality photos work better. If you like to wear makeup, make sure it’s minimal in your photos, or it may be exaggerated in the avatars.

What file formats of photos do you accept?

Right now we support JPG, PNG only

How long will it take to receive my avatars?

Right now it’ll take about 24 hours (based on current processing times) to generate your avatars.

What will you do with my photos?

Nice question. We only use them to train the AI model, render your avatars and then delete both the input photos and the AI model from our servers and the GPU API’s servers (where it’s processed) within 48 hours. Beware of other apps that generate profile photos and avatars as most store your data forever to mine it which means they can generate any image (like deepfakes) with your face in it forever. Some are even affiliated with foreign governments with might get your data!

Can I upload kids or minors?

Absolutely not. It’s against our terms and conditions. If you do, you break our legal terms and probably the law. The primary reason not to allow is that AI can have unpredictable results. Okay for grown ups, not for kids. If you decide to ignore this and do upload kids, we will be forced to report it to authorities as we are required to by CSAM regulation. TL;DR, just don’t. Please only upload photos of legal adults (18+) which you own the rights too (like photos of yourself).

Can I get a refund?

We immediately start training the AI with your photos after uploading your photos and incur high costs for doing that. Therefore we can’t offer refunds after that happens.