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Programmers ditch Google, Here’s better Search engine


Being a developer is awesome, Writing code is awesome, Copying code from stack overflow is also awesome… But solving problems and thinking of solutions for complicated problems in a limited time is what we programmers live for… the 💚 grass is not always green on this side of the fence. Sooner or later, you face … Read more

A Foolproof Resources to Download Website Templates(2022)

looking for website templates but don’t know where to download? don’t worry here is the list where you download HTML, react, bootstrap and more both personal and commercial use. Why templates? 🦅Are you in a hurry? Here is overview of the listed websites. What are the best website to download templates? CreativeTim Onepagelove w3layouts startbootstrap … Read more

Github Copilot now cost you 10$/month


Will Copilot AI replace programmers? Yes, Github Copilot going to do this thing with help of OpenAI by using our already written billions lines of public code and our coding behavior.

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Daily AWS Cloud Billing Alerts in Slack


I’m using aws from last 2 years for my tiny projects and got lots off surprise bill but thanks to jeff bezos and their support team they always help this 20 y/old kid. And there’s good reason for it: ❌ Never set billing alerts = ui interface is hard for newbie ✅ Setting up alerts … Read more

How to Edit PDF in Canva (A Quick Guide 2022)

If you are searching for the best free pdf editor on google, Then you’ve come to the right place. Because Google knows it’s hard to edit pdf without a surprise watermark🤪 Before diving into each new Canva pdf editor feature in detail, Just have a quick look at some basic questions Can I edit a … Read more

How to turn on dark mode on StackOverflow?


So finally StackOverflow get dark mode most requested feature since 2008. this option definitely reduce programmers eye strain, but you hardly find this option if you’re a new StackOverflow user Stackoverflow is one of the leading websites for programmers and tech professionals which recently sold to & Prosus. Here is the simple step to enable … Read more