Daily AWS Cloud Billing Alerts in Slack

I’m using aws from last 2 years for my tiny projects and got lots off surprise bill but thanks to jeff bezos and their support team they always help this 20 y/old kid.

And there’s good reason for it:

❌ Never set billing alerts = ui interface is hard for newbie

✅ Setting up alerts = build without fear + sleep well

Daily AWS Cloud Billing Alerts in Slack

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Installing webhook in slack
  • Creating lambda function which send billing details in slack
  • CloudWatch to schedule time (we want daily updates)
  • Adding CloudWatch trigger

Let’s get into it!

🪝Installing webhook in slack

First step is to install “Incoming Webhook app in slack” This App allow us to send http repones on slack with external integration

Go to Slack App Directory > Search ‘Incoming Webhooks’

Installing incoming Webhook from slack app directory

Select Slack channel where you want aws billing alerts

Example: Here mine is “aws-billing”

select slack channel for alerts
Select slack channel for alerts
  • Copy Webhook URL
  • Enter the Description of your WebHook.
  • Add “funny jeff Bezos laughing icon”
  • Click on Save Setting
Adding jeff-Bezos icon so you scare more

🤖Creating lambda function

this step is where we need some code but don’t worry you don’t need to understand all just copy paste

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