AI Learning Recourse 2023

1. Andrew Ng (of Stanford)’s AI for Everyone

The godfather of AI & CS education, Andrew Ng, is doing a live course on Coursera. It’s the ultimate introduction.

And it starts TODAY:

2. Harvard’s CS50

Go from concepts to coding with Python, the lingua franca of AI.

It also starts today:

3. Stanford’s CS224N

Drive forward your understanding of Natural Language Processing (NLP), the basis of how large language models (LLMs) like GPT-4 work.

Get learning:

4. Harvard’s Data Science: Machine Learning

Apply your skills by getting instructions to build an applied movie recommendation system.

Start building:

5. Stanford’s CS230

Return back to hardcore engineering by now learning about deep learning, once again from the esteemed Andrew Ng.

You can do it:

6. Harvard’s Fundamentals of TinyML

Begin to learn about how to drive deep learning all to the edge of networks with embedded machine learning.

Jump in:

7. Harvard’s Applications of TinyML

See TinyML in practice by building Google Assistant on your phone.

Check here:

8. Harvard’s Deploying TinyML

Take your TinyML application to a real-life situation with TensorFlow Lite.


9. Stanford’s CS234

Learn how to build complex reinforcement learning models.

Go deep:

10. Stanford’s CS330

Conquer the final boss: multi-task and & meta-learning AI.

You got this:

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