‘BhaiLang.Js’ New Programing Language Created By Two Indians

“Bhai-Lang” is a new funny Indian programming language, written in Typescript by two Indian engineers.

In Indian slang, Bhai means brother or bro, the whole code conversation is used by this type of funny Indian programming accent and that’s the reason it is easy to understand.🤣and this is hilarious.

bhai lang programming language
Bhai lang screenshot

Either you can use this Bhai language via “bhailang – npm” or directly run on their live coding playground.

Bhai-Lang: Starts and Ends with

The program starts with 👋’hi bhai’ and ends with ‘bye bhai’ everything outside of this will be ignored.

hi bhai
 // Write code here
bye bhai

Bhai-Lang: Variables

In Bhai-Lang variables is declared using “Bhai ye hai”

hi bhai
  bhai ye hai a = 10;
  bhai ye hai b = "two";
  bhai ye hai c = 15;
  a = a + 1;
  b = 21;
  c *= 2;
bye bhai

Bhai-Lang: Types

Numbers and strings are like other languages. Null values can be denoted using nallasahi and galat are the boolean values.

In this programming language if you want to give value null to any variable you can use “nalla”,

for boolean values like “sahi” for true, “galat” for false.

hi bhai
  bhai ye hai e = nalla;
  bhai ye hai f = sahi;
  bhai ye hai g = galat;
bye bhai

“bol bhai” is used to print something on the console

Bhai-Lang: Conditionals

Bhailang supports simple if else construct , agar bhai block will execute if the condition is sahi and warna bhai block will execute if condition is galat.

hi bhai
  bhai ye hai a = 10;
  agar bhai (a < 25) {
   bol bhai "a is less than 25";
  } warna bhai {
   bol bhai "a is greater than or equal to 25";
bye bhai
Playground Bhai-lang

Bhai-Lang: “Bhai kya kar raha hai tu”

if your code runs successfully this programming language gives “🎉Shandar Bhai” message in green color as output

but for error, you see Ashneer Grover Famous message “Bhai kya kar raha hai tu” with red text.

Here is the open-source GitHub repo of this ‘Bhai-Lang’ you can see whole language directory loops, programming conditions also contribute more to adding your own funny Hindi coding keywords for further improvement.

BhaiLang.JS Developers

Amazing language with two amazing Indian developers! Rishabh and Aniket both are from India Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Rishabh is working with Grow and Aniket with Amazon.

Rishabh Tripathi

Aniket Singh

Are you excited to use Bhailang in your live project bhai? What you think bhai comment👇

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