How to Edit PDF in Canva (A Quick Guide 2022)

If you are searching for the best free pdf editor on google, Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Before diving into each new Canva pdf editor feature in detail, Just have a quick look at some basic questions

Can I edit a PDF in Canva?

Yes, Canva just rolled out July 2021 update, and now this designing tool allows you to upload existing PDFs to edit and change images, fonts, text, and elements right on your browser. 

But how? 🔥

Step:1 Go to & Login with your account

Create a fresh account if you’re a new user.. by clicking here

( 💸don’t worry you don’t need any premium plan) Free account is enough

Step:2 Click on “Create a Design” button

Step:3 Click on “Import PDF” button From Dropdown menu

What canva do? When you upload pdf

  • Canva automatically detect your pdf font and elements
  • You can import PDFs with up to 15 pages.
  • If your PDF has both text and images, canva will break them up for editing purposes.
  • If your PDF is a scan of documents or designs, it can only be processed as a flat or merged image. Its text or design elements can’t be broken up for editing.


before editing


after editing

Drag and Drop kind of things

  • Change any Text in PDF
  • Change any elements, add new elements or delete old elements
  • Export your pdf to any format ( 🙀 you can also use as a pdf to xyz convertor)
  • Replace any colour to new one


before editing


You can do a lot with this Free canva PDF editor. Easily import, customize, convert, and export in your desire formate

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