Why GPS is a free service?

GPS Stands for Global Positioning System. GPS is a navigation system which used to find and determine the location of the object

The first satellite

The GPS project was started by the U.S. Department of Defense. The first GPS Satellite Navstar 1, was launched on February 22, 1978.

Gps free for civilians

Mainly GPS is made for military use only in starting years, but due to one reason, the USA government makes this GPS service free for the whole world.


In 1983, Korean air flight 007 was shot down by Soviet (Russia) because this Korean air flight accidentally entered in prohibited air space of soviet.

this event created cold war situation both side


to prevent this type of accident in future President Reagan announced that GPS would be made available free for whole civilians to avoid this type of disaster in the future

Ronald Reagan

How much does GPS cost?

  • the initial cost to put a satellite into the outside of space into orbit is $12 billion
  • after successfully put the satellite in orbit it takes $2 million per pay
  • $750 million per year for Maintainance

Did you Know?

There is no internet connection required to use GPS services

Who pays for the GPS?

it’s funny but true, the American taxpayer pays for the GPS service enjoyed throughout the world. all GPS program funding comes from the general US tax revenues this whole process runs and managed by U.S air force.

From – gps.gov

Encrypted GPS signals

GPS satellite broadcast mostly two types of signals from the initial stage of space
one signal is easily available for all regular civilians.
and the second signals are encrypted which was only available for military use.

there are other names given to the navigation systems that are owned and managed and maintain nations across example India also have their gps system satellite which known as “NAVIC” but still this all gps service is running on improvement.

Country GPS
European UnionGalileo

Google Map

Google Map use Approx  5 MB Data Per Hour Driving 

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